5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. WOD 1 – 7:52….first time ever using 225 in a WOD for anything other than deadlift. I was really pleased to have been able to do it. However…..I’m paying for it and my hubris for not using a belt bc my back is really sore. May be altering my plans for strength day bc of it. I don’t think it is serious…pretty sure I have felt this way before and a little rest and advil did the trick.

    WOD 2 – 3 Rounds + 1 rep….nothing was a problem here. I just can’t run like a gazelle like Gary or Buddy.

  2. WOD 1 – 8:02 5 rounds cuz I can’t read my handwriting; #145 back squats

    WOD 2 – 3 rounds; #95 power cleans, 75 singles for double unders

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