7 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Wod 1…84 burpees, not quite where the rest of the crew is but better than the 71 I had the last time we did this

    Wod 2…2 rounds plus 32 reps

  2. WOD 1: 129 Burpees. Maybe could have done more if I would have paced myself a little better. Was at 32 after a minute.

    WOD 2: 3 rounds + 27 reps.

  3. Wod #1: 109 burpees (brought back bad memories)

    Wod #2: 3 rounds + 33 reps. I did this wod at home, about 10 hours after the first wod. Thought that would be an advantage – turns out I was so sore I could never get loose and just wanted it to be over. REST DAY SOUNDS GREAT!

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