Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Celebrating the holiday by doing work! Slobby!

3 rounds for time:
10 grouind to over head @ 50# DBs
15 dead lifts @ 225lbs
20 push-ups
25 double unders

Post your times.


WOD 2 (rested about 15 minutes)
For time:
Shuttle run (10 yds and back, 20 yds and back, 30 yds and back)
20 power cleans @ 100lbs
Shuttle run
15 hand cleans @ 100lbs
Shuttle run

Post times…


For time:
30 muscle ups

Post times.

6’22” PR! Compare to this!

Strength WOD
Every minute on the minute complete 3 dead lifts for 10 minutes. Each minute add 20 lbs to the bar. (I started with 225 and ended with 405).

I’m tired.


9 thoughts on “Monday

  1. WOD 1- 7’35
    WOD 2- 2’46

    Went up around 10am to do these…baby was up all night…not sure why but it happens I guess…
    I was sad to hear that I missed wishing Derrick Gallik good luck before he leaves for basic training for the Air Force (what Scheid told me). Not sure if he reads these post but as a football coach and teacher I really get excited when the kids we have worked with choose to serve in any branch of the armed forces, it really takes something extra to sign up and go through all that training. I’m really proud of Derrick and wish him the best with this new journey. It’s people like you that make everyday life possible for the rest of us.

  2. WOD 1: 10:08…was a tough one on the old back.

    WOD 2: 2:45-47, somewhere around there…had to run through the door to get my time. Gary might have beat me. I am sure he cheated somehow though… Probably didn’t touch the ground of something.

    Would have stayed for the muscle ups…shoulda stuck around I guess. Oh well! Nice work Stu.

  3. WOD 1- 8:20 back hurts today haha. To clarify on time, I did singles on rope, but doubled it. that’s why time was unusually fast yesterday.

    Proud to say my best friend Derek is now in Basic Military Training. From my experience down there he will have no trouble and he will do great. I have a lot of gains to get before he gets back, so time to train harder than ever, 6 months goes quick.

  4. Best place to put this and I want it recorded someone….did deads last week 5×5 and ended with a 5RM of 300

    Push Press 5RM of 185 that day too

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