Dead lift @ 225

Post times.
6’09” PR! (Only by 10 seconds, but I’ll take it!)

Compare to this.

12 minute AMRAP

20 double unders
10 C2B pull-ups
5 hang cleans @ 165lbs
15 toes to bar

Post rounds and reps completed.
4 rounds + 19 dubs.

The switch from morning to evening training was brutal. I was exhausted before I even started, so I’m pretty happy with the Diane PR. The second workout was just miserable by nature and I didn’t have an aggressive enough attitude. It took me a good round and a half to get the motor rolling.
Regardless, I’m pretty happy with the results. Good training day.
A little strength tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Wow….rough getting going this am after the later times…

    Wod 1…5:26…185#, box hspu (should have gone heavier on deads as back was good today)

    Wod 2…3 rounds plus 32 reps…135# on cleans, regular pullups.

  2. WOD 1 – 4:57….Box HSPU

    WOD 2 – 3 rounds plus 14 double unders. regular pullups. Hang Cleans were tough on me and zapped everything out of me. No excuses….this one sucked and left me feeling like crap about myself.

  3. Tweaked my back last night so made some major alterations to the wod’s
    wod 1: 200m run, 21 hspu, 130 m run, 15 hspu, 65 m run, 9 hspu – 5:54

    wod 2: Subbed 3 wall climbs for the 5 hang cleans – 5 rounds.

  4. WOD1 – 5’37” huge improvement on my HSPU’s. Moved my hands closer to the wall and felt it more in the shoulders instead of mostly triceps.

  5. Wod 1-at 11:32, terrible, terrible on hspu. Did 20 deads in a row first. Then the rest were unbroken. I was suprised.
    Wod 2 @135
    3 rounds
    5 power cleans
    10every t2b
    3 rounds
    5 c&j
    10 t2b

    Bench later
    Shrugs @225,315 for 10’s
    yard work
    curls for the girls

    More t2b

  6. WOD 1: No idea on my time, the deads were quite heavy for me. I was very happy to officially do all of my hspu’s correctly though.

    WOD 2: 6 rounds

  7. PR’d at 5’25” dropped 25 seconds. Was extremely fatigued before even beginning for some reason. Evening was def a change. Other wod I got 3 rounds and 4 t2b. Couldn’t complete the 4th…those hang cleans messed me up pretty good. Was rough.

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