For time.

20 squats @ 135lbs
25 toes to bar
30 burpees
25 pullups
20 front squats @ 135lbs
15 bar muscle ups (sub with burpee C2B pullups)

Post rounds and reps completed at 5 minutes. Then post total time.

Yesterday Pam got her first bar muscle up! Look out Indy North! Here is a video of Pam doing work!

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Started with my makeup strength work……

    Full Snatch PR – 165….got it on second try. Tried 170 but couldn’t lock it out overhead.

    Since I missed Wednesdays WOD I figured I was short on reps for the week anyways and did this WOD as the competition is asking for it.

    5 Min AMRAP = 90 reps (thru all burpees)
    Chipper = 15:06 (box hspu and best ttb to date

  2. I also did this Wod as the competition lists it – 5 min amrap, rest 1 min and then start from the top for time.

    5 min amrap – 115 reps (through all pullups, unbroken)

    Chipper – at 14 min time cap had 4 bar muscle up’s – got there with 4 min left and it was about 1/min from there. Couldn’t put 2 together and didn’t want to do the burpee/pullups – wanted to see where I would be. 2nd time around is just BRUTAL. Unbroken t2b turns into 10/5/7/3, unbroken burpees turns into just try not to die, unbroken pullups turns into coming off the bar 5 times. Great Wod!!! Did do both set’s of HSPU unbroken without kipping.

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