Rest Day
Skill Day

Spend 20 minutes stretching
Burgerner warmup
Duck walk @ 75lbs(5 steps forward, 5 back + 1 snatch)
Pistol practice

I don’t usualy post pop music videos on the site, but Scheid showed me this and it’s amazing what this guy can do.


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. Skill Day

    Front Squat@ 145
    3 Sets

    Power Clean
    @135 10x
    @145 10x
    @ 165 10x
    @185 1x

    Shrugs @ 315 10x
    3 Sets


    1000m Row
    50 KBS@ 53
    30 Burpees
    10 T2B
    5 HSP

    The merciless cold has set in. I have all forms of it today. Taking the meds. J told me to get Delsym and it seems to be working. Just got to push on.

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