Too tore up to do anything crazy strenuous today. Decided to do a skill day with the snatch in place of heavy lifting. Threw in some hand stand walk practice too, because we suck at it.

Snatch balance
Hang squat snatch
Full snatch
Hand stand walk practice

Easy day overall, but much needed snatch practice. Tim ended up PRing on the squat snatch, which is slobby as hell. I’ll try and post the video later.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. OK…gonna try to remember all this bc I want it recorded for later

    Balance (3×5) – 95, 115, 125
    Hang squat snatch (3×5) – 95, 105, 115
    Full snatch (1×5) – 135….then tried to see where my max was….got 145 twice. Tried 155 but had no power left.

    Very happy with my PR! Stu has a video of it so hopefully he will share.

    • I will add that my previous best was a one rep power snatch of 135 and it was ugly and took everything.

      I will also add that the progression of working balance to hang to full really help with explosion of my hips by the time I went heavy.

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