Holiday Havoc

December 13th we will be hosting our first competition; Torture Chamber’s Holiday Havoc. I strongly urge everyone to sign up for this event (especially those of you who do not normally do competitions!) This is going to be a very casual event followed by an even more casual party. We will be having both scaled and RX’d divisions, so absolutely everyone can sign up! Sign up, bring friends and family to watch you compete, cheer you on, and then party with everyone afterwards.

You will notice that the event is only $25.00 (stupid cheap for most events) and that is because we are asking athletes to judge one another. Each athlete will be assigned to judge other athletes through out the day, so everyone gets to enjoy the competition and we can keep the cost low. So if you are the type of person who is gong to flip shit because your competitor just no repped you for lack of squat depth, this probably isn’t an event for you. Like I said above, this is a laid back competition designed to have fun and demonstrate some hard earned fitness! Should be a great time.

There is more info on the registration page, please read it before signing up, and I will be posting lots more info on our facebook page and on this website as we get closer to game time!

Sign up here.


Starting on February 5th we will be adding our competitor’s course every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4:30pm. In addition to our normal gym programming, we will be adding supplemental work outs for serious competitors at Programming will be split into different sessions that you can complete through out the day. This will require you to either do workouts at home, or attend multiple sessions at the gym (e.g. attend the 5:30am class and the 4:30pm class, or the 4:30pm and 6:00pm class, etc.).

Weight Room Playlist

I have heard different people asking about music in the weight room. For the past few years I’ve generally supplied the music selection, but now that I’m no longer at the morning sessions music has become first come, first serve. Because of this, different people have asked me what kinds of music everyone likes to listen to while working out. We all know Gary listens to some weird shit, but really no clue as to what the large majority likes.

Here is your chance to voice your opinion.

Post any songs that you like to the comments of this post. Then we can use the information to make more rounded playlist selections when we work out (or you can choose to ignore it and play whatever you want).

Just remember that when I come back the stereo is mine again.

Stay Slobby.

Site Problems

You may have noticed that the site is laggy, takes multiple tries to load, or sometimes just doesn’t show anything. I’ve been aware of the problem for almost 2 weeks now and I’ve exhausted my ability to fix the problem. After optimizing the site, loading new cache software, updating all of my Word Press software and deleting themes and plugins that I don’t use or are unnecessary, I finally got down to the root of the problem (which had nothing to do with the things I just listed). According to my host company, our server is under attack. Because of this attack, the security software is blocking some good traffic, which causes the errors and intermittent inaccessability. The good news is that the database and the server are safe (we’ve been hacked before and had to dump the entire server). The bad news is that we don’t know why we are being attacked, it is extremely difficult to determine who is attacking, and we have no idea how long the attack will last. At the moment, all we can do is wait it out.

Get well soon Anna!

Anna had a successful surgery and is doing better each day in Akron. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her until he gets a full recovery! Gary (the Briefcase), went to see her today on behalf of the Club and Eastern Elementary. Hopefully it raised her spirits a bit and speeds up her recovery!
Get well soon Anna!


Sunday: Great Lakes Invitational

Every minute on the minute complete 20 double unders and then the prescribed clean and jerk weight and reps. Continue until you cannot complete the clean and jerks in the allotted minute.
Progress through the following weights and reps.

Post final weight and reps.

100m shuttle sprint
20m front rack walking lunge @ 135lbs
100m shuttle sprint
20m front rack walking lunge @ 135lbs
100m shuttle sprint
Post times.


Finished in 24th place overall. Pam finished in 22nd. I’m pretty excited about this, because I believe the top 20 at this competition are all regional qualifiers. Great weekend with some really tough WODs. I’m already excited about next year!

A little less than a month before our next competition at CrossFit Utility!

Great Lakes Invitational: Saturday

Max reps bench press @ 225lbs

3 rounds
7 OHS @ 165lbs
20m OH carry
14 box jumps @ 30″
20m OH carry

Post reps and rounds completed.

20 on the bench press
2 rounds + 4 OHS

5 minute AMRAP

20 squats @ 135lbs
25 toes to bar
30 burpees
25 pullups
20 front squats @ 135lbs
15 bar muscle ups (sub with burpee C2B pullups)

Post rounds and reps completed.

Rest 1 minute.

For time:
For time.

20 squats @ 135lbs
25 toes to bar
30 burpees
25 pullups
20 front squats @ 135lbs
15 bar muscle ups (sub with burpee C2B pullups)

Post times or reps completed.


Proud to announce that we will be attending our first competition as a gym on February 16th at CrossFit Utility. We have 12 members signed up including 3 “remote” Chamber members that follow our training over the web. We have about a month to get ready and just under 2 months before the Open!
Keep it Slobby.

Strength day.
OHS 5×5
Military press 3×5
Lat pull down 3×10
Dips 3×15
HSPU 3×10
Toe 2 Bar 3×15