For time.
Buy in:
200m run
22 toes to bar
71 double unders

1 round
42 SDHP @ 75lbs
42 pushups (HR)
42 OHS @ 75lbs
42 situps

Cash out:
200m run
22 toes to bar
71 double unders

Post times.

Strix put this monstrosity together. I am going to spend the next two days rolling out my quads.

7 thoughts on “Friday

  1. 15:18.

    I told my wife I had a WOD for her (that didn’t sound right) and it included many bj’s (that didn’t sound right either) but she told me to go do my own WOD (that really didn’t sound right).

  2. Yesterday (Thursday) did 13.3 with Scheid, Boals and Will st fieldhouse…
    Finished Dubs at 11:54….quads are roaches today!

    Today…Happy Birthday Strix!!!!….19:07.

  3. 18:36….quads are a complete mess! Feels like someone took a knife to both legs and went to work!!!! Mostly from the 150 wall balls from yesterday.

  4. Happy Birthday Strix…!

    Thanks for not making us work our quads… Oh wait?

    14:40 for me, I was just cruising. Worried about being fresh for Sunday…probably all in my head.

    Hope your wife gave ya a nice quad rubdown.

  5. 18ish…maybe?
    Sub list: GHDs for T2B, DUs sans rope (sounds more impressive than: “I jumped up and down like an idiot 71 times”), dumbell squats

    As always, good one, Strix! Hope the rest of your day was easier than that!

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