Complete for time
4 rounds
6 dead lifts @ 275lbs
10 box jumps @ 24″
4 bar muscle ups
3 rounds
6 front squats @ 185lbs
12 push-ups (HR)
200m run
2 rounds
15 push press @ 135lbs
50 double unders
20 pull-ups

Post times.

Get ready for 13.2!!!!!!
More burpees!!!!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Rough Wod but a good one, even with my scaling…
    26:48….225# on deads, 135# on front squats, burpee pullups for bar muscle ups and 10 regular pullups instead of the 20…..dead at the end…great pic!!!!

  2. This was the worst wod we’ve done in a while!!! The middle section was just brutal for me!!

    22:46 – that is my interpretation of my time based on the clock setup (we miss having Tim or Stu there that actually knows how to work the clock – no offense Gary). It was set on 1 minute intervals, counting down. I started after the other guys to get some separation for the bar muscle ups when the clock read 3 (beginning of the 3rd interval so at minute 2:00). It read 25:14 when I finished, take 2 off for my late start, subtract a minute since it starts on 1, subrtact the :14 from a minute since we were counting down…..need a math degree just to calculate time!

  3. Umm after reading strix’s post I’m not sure what my time was…I’m still in the Matrix somewhere…someone answer that phone…clock was on the 19th interval and read 0:22…so I’m gonna take a stab at it 18’38″…makes sense to me…I actually think that may be 17’38…because the when the 19 rnd would have finished that would have been 18 full minutes…correct??

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