6 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. First of all, good luck to all Crew members participating in the Open, everyone will do great….with everything that has gone on with Anna over the past 10 days or so, I am not in the right mind to give it a go, but I will do the wods with everyone…with that being said,

    Wod 13.1…15 snatches at 135…regular burpees (to stay out of everyone’s way this morning)…

  2. Got 12 burpees after the 135# snatches. Took too long w/ the 135# – gotta speed that up to finish the next burpees and get at least 1 rep at 165#.

  3. 133 reps…..3 burpees after 135 snatches

    That was as best an effort as I think I can give on this. On Sunday I’m hoping to just match this. Maybe doing burpees away from a dust filled wall of metal duct work will allow me to breath in more oxygen and do better???

    Anyways I’m just excited to be able to compete with my TCLC family no matter the outcome and cheer on everyone else and suffer alongside everyone else. Never thought I would actually do the Open but here I go!!!

  4. Suck…

    0 snatches at 135…grand total of 100 reps. By this Sunday, won’t get any better. Doc thinks I have a labrum tear. Gotta shot, so we will see.

    Oh we’ll, I get to still be a part of the madness.

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