On a running clock…
5 minute AMRAP
15 Thrusters @ 105lbs
15 C2B pullups
3 minute AMRAP
6 barbell burpees
3 full snatches @ 105lbs
2 minute AMRAP
double unders

There is no break between AMRAPS. Post reps for each AMRAP.

2 rounds + 26 reps
1 Round + 1 rep (accidently did 5 snatches instead of 3).
No clue, just trying to survive at this point.

8 thoughts on “Monday

  1. 2rnds +25 I’m not sure i lost count on the pullups at the end
    3 rnds
    last one I was somewhere around 100 did 58 unborken and 41 unbroken at the end…there were some other sets in there that were like less than 10 this wod sucked

  2. Good to see everyone again this morning…
    1 round + 25 reps (regular pullups)
    2 rounds + 3 reps (power snatches)
    75 dubs
    Hope to see you all Wednesday as I pray for Anna to be able to come home finally!

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