Get well soon Anna!

Anna had a successful surgery and is doing better each day in Akron. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her until he gets a full recovery! Gary (the Briefcase), went to see her today on behalf of the Club and Eastern Elementary. Hopefully it raised her spirits a bit and speeds up her recovery!
Get well soon Anna!


One thought on “Get well soon Anna!

  1. Hey Everyone, thanks for the post Stu, well it’s Friday morning and last night was a little better. Anna’s fever spiked again (but came down with meds), but last night there was no elevated heart rate. She woke in middle night with pain, but nurse was quickly there to push IV pain meds. They continue to give IV antibiotics and today we continue chair time and hopefully a short walk. Once again, thanks for the flowers, the banner, the cards and for the visit from Gary (the Briefcase)! I am not kidding you when I tell you they were her first smiles since this began…..I hope to see you all soon! J.

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