15 minute AMRAP
15 thrusters
12 C2B pull-ups
9 burpee box jump overs @ 30″
3 bar muscle ups

Post rounds and reps completed.
3 rounds and 12 thrusters.

In one minute complete 20 double unders and the prescribed weight and reps. Begin the ladder with snatches. Continue up the ladder until you can no longer complete the prescribed reps. Once you have failed, begin the next minute with 20 double unders and complete the same weight and reps as a clean jerk. Continue until you cannot complete the prescribed reps in a minute or until you complete the ladder.
Post last weight snatched and clean and jerked.


Got 1 rep at 195 on snatch. Then I finished the ladder.

4 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Wod 1…2 rounds + 28 reps….forward facing hspu on round 1, box hspu round 2, regular pullups, and did the clean + jerks instead of the bar muscle ups…..then had to take off for 2 hoops games for my middle one

    Wod 2…..skiing at snow trails in mashed potatoe like conditions (hard on legs!) for 4 hours……lol!

  2. Got HSPU’s!!! Well slightly modified with a 25# plate to reduce range but still very excited. So excited I learned a VERY valuable lesson with them….don’t waste too many in the warmup!

    Wod1- 2 rounds + 33 reps scaled hspu in half (really makes the WOD a whole new animal when u do real hspu)

    WOD 2 – got thru 135 on snatches. Thru one rep of 195 C&J. Really shocked how beat up I was on this ladder. Went back and did some snatch work on 155 just to know I could.

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