20130218-103407.jpgCongrats to Buddy for making the podium at the Utility Throwdown! Great work by everybody this weekend! It was the first competition for most of our members and will be the first of many! We had a great time and I’m truly proud of everyone who competed. It is truly amazing how far we have come and how much we have grown as a gym in the last year! The TCLC family is strong and getting stronger!
Keep up the great work!

12 minute AMRAP

10 dead lifts @ 185lbs
15 KB swings @ 62lbs
200m run

Post rounds and reps
5 rounds even

4 rounds for time
10 SDHP @ 62# KB
15 situps
20 double unders



11 thoughts on “Monday

  1. What a great weekend everyone, congrats to all for an amazing job! Thanks to everyone who also drove up just to watch us.

    I was still a little sore today, so I definitely scaled the weight a little.

    WOD 1: 6 Rounds (155 deads/45 kettle)

    WOD 2: 3:30 Gary beat me at the last second…my foot hit my rope and he took advantage.

  2. Great job to all!!! And a big thanks to those that drove up to watch, as buddy said

    WOD 1 – 5 Rounds…..I was four steps behind strix at the door when the buzzer sounded…..alternated between 53 and 62 # KB with strix

    WOD 2- 4:47 again alterated between 53 and 62# kb

  3. I too want to say Awesome Job to everyone and thanks to all that made the drive up. I told Strix the night before the Comp at the High School game that I was already nervous, but I am sooooooo glad that I participated. Thanks to everyone for cheering us all on and it was really fun hanging out with everyone and then getting to watch Briefcase demolish that Intimidator at Legends afterwards!!

    Wod 1…4 rounds plus 20 reps
    Wod 2…5:40…53# on both Wods

  4. Don’t forget – thanks to Stu for the programming & motivation (and the shirts) – huge improvements for everyone over the last year. This weekend was so much fun with the entire crew there – looking forward to the next one. Great to have JBM & Tim there for there first comp’s – I think they both enjoyed it!!!

    Wod 1 5 rounds (3 with 62# kb, 2 w/ 53#)
    Wod 2 4:16 (2 rounds w/ each kb)

  5. Great job all of you, you all did great. Some questionable judging tho. I saw a lot hard work. Great job buddy for making podium.

    Wod 1
    Grace @135 165
    Legs got gased on this one. Did a lot of snatch work before

    220lbs clean & jerk

    T2b and HsPU
    shoulders got tired at set of 9.

  6. I had an excellent time this past weekend at the competition. It was great to see everyone again, and to finally put a face to the names of the new chamber members! Can definitely see improvements by following the training program, good stuff Stu! Looking forward to the Open.

    WOD1 – 4 rounds 13 reps subbed the 200m run with 200m row

  7. Great job to all over the weekend. I couldn’t have been prouder to be wearing the TCLC emblem – we are an impressive crew! Can’t wait to get back doin’ some work with you!

  8. What a great time!! I just want to echo the appreciation of everyone else for the gear, encouragement, and support from Stu and everyone in our group. We really have something good going with this morning crew.

    1st WOD-5rnds plus 25 and a half lap..(2poodKB)

    2nd WOD- 3’29” Thanks for the push buddy

  9. I agree with every single thing stated 🙂 Awesome crew to train with. So glad this all fell into my lap!!! Couldn’t ask for better people to train with! Wish my schedule didn’t take me from some morning wods now 🙁

    Played 2 hours of basketball before wod 1 and also played an hour of soccer, did sprints and body weight wods on Sunday. Legs cramped at the end of wod one so I decided to not do the second.
    Wod 1: 6 rounds + 9 deads

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