Set a running clock for 20 minutes. Then complete the following. Take the exact amount of rest listed, no less.

3 rounds

15 KB Swings @ 62#
15 pull-ups
15 wall balls @ 25#

Rest 2 minutes exactly.

3 rounds for time
3 power snatches @ 135lbs
2 full snatches @ 135 lbs
3 OHS @ 135 lbs

Rest 1 minute exactly.

25 burpee box jump overs @ 24″

Use the remaining time on the 20 minute clock to complete as many reps as possible of:

15 toes to bar
20 GHD situps
25 push ups (HR)
30 box jumps @ 24″
35 dead lifts @ 135 lbs
40 double unders
45 squats
50 burpees

Your score is the amount of reps completed in the final AMRAP.

65 reps (20 pushups)

Something about this WOD tore me apart. I used a 70# KB instead of a 62 because thats what Gary used this morning and I wanted it to be comparable. It totally wrecked my pull-ups. I was surprised at how much I struggled with the snatch complex as well, it took me way too long. By the time I got to the burpees it was almost relieving. I finished with only 3 minutes left to do the AMRAP, so I moved pretty steady just so I could beat Gary’s score.

Rough workout.

Did some strength with the boys after school.

On a 3 minute clock do 5x5x7x7x7 back Squat.
On a 3 minute clock do 5x5x7x7x7 bench press.
225-245-275-280×6-255×5 (totally gassed at this point)

Great workout day. May take an extra rest day tomorrow because I’m exhausted and sore. Plus I know whats coming on Friday.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Score of 70. Completed all 25 pushups in the final section. 5 clean and jerks wasn’t written on the board, however, and we started with the 10 HSPU. (first round of kb swings with 53# kb, rest with 62#).
    This Wod was terrible, and awesome at the same time!

  2. Sorry…forgot to write the 5 clean and jerks on the board. Didn’t matter for me…

    Never got to the scoring portion…….Just finished the Burpee Box Jumps in the 20 minutes. Lost too much time on the pullups is the only thing I can think of….disappointed.

  3. Score of 51…terrible performance on my end…burpee box jump overs took forever….I feel like the Billy Ocean really took it out of me…then when I heard “Waterfalls” it was over…focused completely lost…just wanted to dance..

  4. 77 Reps. Although, I misread the board and rested for a minute after the Box Jump Burpees…so that screwed me up a little.

    I also adjusted the 135 to 115.

    Good news, weighed 152 this morning. Up from 138 when I started the TCLC!

  5. Score of 70…but I’ve been subbing more than Pam. My mods on the WODS are as follows: HRPUs for Pullups, power clean for full snatch, hang clean for power snatch (both at 105, thought it was 115 til I actually did the math after the workout), back squat at 125 for OHS, Burpee box jumps instead of overs cuz I can’t read, headstand for HSPUs cuz my arms wouldn’t obey my brain, and GHD Situps for toes to bar for a total of 35 GHDs. Couldn’t stop touching my abs all day…super shredded.

  6. Strength 1/24
    “Flight Sim” 5 min Cap
    Finished 35 going up – Started round of 40 and get to 16 when time ran out and I broke

    5 Min EMOTM
    3 Squat Cleans – Add 10 lbs each set

    Back Squat 3×10

    Strict Press 3×10

  7. Absolutely terrible job yesterday morning, couldnt shake the snatches. Was about to his ohs when time ended. Lower back was shot still from deads.

    Did my first muscle up yesterday, looks like crap but i got up there.

    6 rounds
    3 hang clean @185
    3 muscle ups

    6 rounds
    3 hang clean @185
    8 hspu

    6 rounds
    35 hang clean

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