8 minute AMRAP
10 pull-ups
8 dead lifts @ 225 lbs
6 box jumps @ 30″
4 hang cleans @ 225 lbs
2 bar muscle ups

Rest exactly 2 minutes.

3 minute AMRAP

Rest exactly 1 minute.

4 minute AMRAP
50 double unders
5 front squats @ 135 lbs


10 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Great pic!
    Wod 1…back is feeling good so trying to keep it that way so I scaled to 155# (actually a pr for hang cleans for me)….2 + 24 reps (jumping chest to bar instead of muscle ups).
    Wod 2…42 burpees
    Wod 3…2 full rounds
    Tough program this am but glad to make it through!

    • Really pleased with Hang Clean Weight. Not sure it was a PR. Really wanted that 3rd round in the 1st WOD. Rested too much on the box jumps I think. I could have strung more together instead of one at a time.
      50 Burpees was my goal and I hit it at exactly the 3 minute mark. But I was gassed at the end. The 1 minute rest was not nearly enough to recover.
      I stared at my rope for a good 20 seconds into the last AMRAP. I let the front squats get into my head bc I was slow to pick up the bar, but when I did I didn’t have a problem with 5 at that weight. Doubles felt good too…broken into 30-20.

  2. WOD 1: 4 Rounds, but don’t be impressed – had to sub the hard moves = way
    modified pullups and 10 HRPUs for muscle ups
    115# cleans and deads
    WOD 2: 15 burpees (had to switch to box jumps; shoulder couldn’t take the
    burpees) then 36 BJs…er, um box jumps…I now see why that is never
    WOD 3: 2 rounds, sub ridiculous looking knee something jumps for DUs and
    115# back squats from rack for front squats
    going to the shoulder doc tuesday; hope he can fix me so i can get back in the mix.

  3. Wod 1.. 3rnds plus 6 HSPU’s that right subbed out the BJ’s

    WOD 2: 51 burpees1st wod was tough…mid way through my burpees I heard emily doing BJ’s and got distracted…

    WOD 3: I think I was on my 4th rnd sooo I think 3 plus 40 reps…not sure it was pretty dark at this point

    For the record I will never right Box Jumps again…BJ’s forever (T-shirt???)

  4. WOD 1:
    First time I did this I got so pissed at the muscle ups that I tried muscle ups the entire 8 min AMRAP bc I’m stubborn (shocking I know)…I redid this after school and did burpee c2b instead and also upped my weight from 115 to 125. I got 3 rounds + 1 hang clean

    WOD 2:
    57 burpees

    WOD 3:
    2 rounds + 1 front squat @95
    Went unbroken for first round; du pr

    I’m glad I wasn’t near Emily doing BJ’s….I feel like that would’ve distracted me as well!

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