Partner WOD:
A 53# KB must be carried throughout the WOD. 5 burpee penalty if KB touches ground.
60 yr Sprint (both run while one carries KB)
100 Box Jumps @20″
100 Hang Cleans @115
Move Barbell, Box, and KB 15 yards
50 Box Jumps @24″
100 Front squats
Move Barbell, Box, and KB 15 yards
25 Box Jumps @30″
100 Push Presses
Move Barbell, Box, and KB 30 yards to starting position
125 KB swings
60 yard sprint (same as first sprint)

Post results.

5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I had a partner wod saved up, so we decided to do it today!
    2 person teams working in any breakdown that they chose:
    Each team had a kettlebell that had to be held/carried at all times – 5 burpee penalty if it touched the ground.
    60 yd sprint
    100 box jumps – 20″
    100 hang cleans – 115#
    bar carry/box push to 2nd station
    50 box jumps – 24″
    100 front squats – 115#
    bar carry/box push to 3rd station
    25 box jumps – 30″
    100 push press – 115#
    bar carry/box push back to starting position
    125 kb swings
    60 yd sprint

    Scheid & I were right around 33min – I forget the exact time.

  2. Briefcase and i were a team and we timed in at 29:40….thanks to briefcase for the encouragement getting through it as i was as close to tossing cookies as i have ever been….tried the death by 10m and bowed out at 10 with absolutely no legs left whatsoever. great job everyone in getting through it. strix came up with a good one there.

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