For time:

500m row
40 wall balls
35 SDHP @ 100lbs
30 situps
25 push press @ 100lbs
20 pullups
15 toes to bar
10 burpees
5 wall climbs

Post times to comments.

Thanks to Strix for throwing this WOD together this morning. In my relentless attempt to make sure I had everything packed for the weekend last night I forgot to post a workout.

I’ll do my best to post our workouts and times this weekend at the Great Lakes Invitational. I’ll also be posting updates on twitter. So follow me here. You can also get info on our facebook page here, and my Slob55 page here.

7 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Good luck Stu & Pam!!!

    13:12 on the Wod – what IDIOT puts 35 sdhp into a wod?

    Also did a 200m run for time to have a baseline to work off of. 30 sec. Too many turns in the fieldhouse – try again when we can get outside. Would like to get times on 400m, 1 mile & 5k soon to go along w/ the 1 rep max, etc we are doing with the strength stuff.

    Never seen Jay & company run so fast!

  2. Too funny on the running!!! I will reluctantly participate in trying to get my big rump moving on these runs….glad we started with the 200…lol! I ran it in 40 seconds.
    17:15 on the wod…got the push presses unbroken! lol!
    Good Luck Stu and Pam….we know that you guys will definitely represent well!!

  3. No idea what I had on the WOD. Mine was all screwed up cause of row machine. I also think I may have done 5 less pullups and T2B than I was supposed to.

    Ran a 26 in the 200…a little slower than my true P.R….haha, which I will never touch…too dang old.

  4. Had to modify this and every WOD lately because I’m completely broken. If only someone would explain the hazards of overtraining on his website. Like under the “About” link…hmmm.

    14:41 for the WOD. 20# wall ball, 65# SDHP. Sub V-ups for T2B, modify Pullups, HRPUs for presses.

    As for the “run” – Jay, you aren’t the slowest! And my lower body isn’t injured so embrace the victory. 51 secs. My timer musta been off lol

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