Proud to announce that we will be attending our first competition as a gym on February 16th at CrossFit Utility. We have 12 members signed up including 3 “remote” Chamber members that follow our training over the web. We have about a month to get ready and just under 2 months before the Open!
Keep it Slobby.

Strength day.
OHS 5×5
Military press 3×5
Lat pull down 3×10
Dips 3×15
HSPU 3×10
Toe 2 Bar 3×15

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Very limited on time since I couldn’t get to a station bc baseball obviously needed 2 people per station themselves!

    135 135 145 155 170

    135 135 140
    Tried to be as strict as possible but after getting done with heavy OHS my shoulders were already lit up. Last set definitely had some push press to it

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