Happy New Year!
Post your workout goals for 2013.
2-3 three month goals.
2-3 six month goals.
2 year goals.

Slobby’s Goals
3 month goals
Perform pistols unbroken.
12 consecutive ring muscle ups
200lb body weight

6 month goals
20 minute 5K
Qualify for Regionals
Sub 2’30” Fran

Year goals
250lb full snatch
Sub 20 minute 5K

This is one of my favorite songs by composer Hans Zimmer played live. I thought it was appropriate for the new year. The only thing that matters about time is what we do with it.

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  1. 3 month
    OHS improvement – unbroken and better flexibility
    165 full snatch

    6 month
    385 dead lift
    Rank in the top 10% in the Open (top 10% in region)

    12 month
    255lb clean and jerk
    Sub 18 minute 5k

  2. Ok….been giving this some thought today…..I will be 43 in early March so I need to be realistic with my goals and really try to achieve them…Some will sound pretty simple.

    3 month:
    Continue to attend 3-4 times a week
    Take care of my back
    Lose 6 pounds
    Participate in Open Wods 40-45 age group with Strix

    6 month
    3-4 times a week
    Take care of back
    Lose another 6 pounds
    Work to master kip pullups

    12 month
    3-4 times a week
    Take care of back
    Lose 10 more pounds (22 total for year)
    Work to master true handstand pushups

  3. A place to do WODs is my first goal. Until then no other goals matter. Thanks for all you have done for the 6 pm crew Stu. It really does mean a lot to a wide variety of people. Hope something good happens!

  4. 3 month
    Improved Clean and Clean & Jerk form
    Test 1 rep max on everything (hadn’t done any of this in years til the last 2 weeks)
    Resume running program – strength is improving, improve the wind as well

    6 month
    Crossfit threw me a curve with the new 40 year old masters age division – I had been working towards the 45 year old division in a couple years which gave me some more time to work on things, but also some more time to make excuses to go 80 or 90%. Ultimate 6 month goal is to qualify for the games as a 42 year old in the 40 – 44 masters division. I don’t feel that I’m where I need to be for that to happen, but I’m gonna go 100% – clean up diet, cut down on booze, work on strength/stamina/selling out in wod’s. At a very minimum – finish in the top 5% in the open in the masters division.

    1 year
    Improve on each of the 1 rep max’s from the first 3 months (guess at goal: 450lb dead, 250lb clean & jerk, 200lb full snatch)
    50 each unbroken pullups & t2b

  5. Love goal setting but I have no idea where to set anything for Crossfit. I’m not sure if i’m close to setting any of these now or if I’m being too unrealistic. Competing in a competition isn’t a goal of mine, although I know that may be odd to others. Just isn’t something I’m looking at. Not to say I won’t do one in the future…..see my one goal.

    3 Months-
    Improve Pullups – 15 unbroken
    Get a legit HSPU

    6 Months –
    225 lb. Clean & Jerk
    Sub 4:30 Fran
    At least 5 HSPU unbroken

    1 Year –
    200 lb. Snatch
    Sub 3 min. Grace
    Comfortable enough to set a competition goal

    • Oh….thought long and hard about a running goal like a 5K time but to set that goal I would spend time working on achieving it and my knee hasn’t held up too well in the past with a lot of running. So while I do plan on improving my running and 5k times, I have purposefully neglected to set a goal for it. Ok…that’s it. This has been fun and reflective.

  6. GOALS…GOALS…GOALS…(in an ALF voice)

    3 month
    215 lb snatch
    Run 6 repeat 400’s sub 1’15” (1min rest between)
    15 un-broken HSPUS
    Lay the foundation for what could possibly be my best beard ever

    6 month
    Qualify for Regionals
    225 lb snatch
    30 unbroken HSPUS (Sub 5 Min DIANE)
    knock 5 sec off previous 400 repeat time
    Continue feeding the BEARD!!!

    12 Month
    Remain Healthy by maintaining a High Level of Fitness
    Chart Strength Gains Throughout the Year
    10 yrd HS WALK
    30 MU’s sub 4 min
    Become more confident in my Bane and also spend some quality time on my MIKKO…both need a good amount of work

    I think this has been a great excercise and I look forward to trying to meet these goals…I also had to have a lil fun with this…Also I think I went over on some goals but it was hard to narrow it down…

  7. 3 Month Goals:
    1. Gain 5 lbs of muscle
    2. Deadlift 250 lbs
    3. Do a competition
    4. Complete 50 consecutive Dubs

    6 Month Goals:
    1. Weigh 160 lbs
    2. Deadlift 275 lbs
    3. Place top 3 in a competition…?
    4. Power Snatch 135 lbs

    12 Month Goals:
    1. Weigh 165 lbs
    2. Deadlift 300 lbs
    3. Do a competition using all the
    set standards
    4. Be a part a team from the TCLC
    that wins a competition.

    Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and inviting through the few months I have been working out. It has become like an obsession to me and I truly appreciate it.

  8. 3 month:
    Improve OH squat
    Ring muscle ups
    Overall body strength (especially dips)

    6 month:
    Qualify for regionals
    Clean and jerk 165
    Sub 3:30 Fran
    4:15 Diane

    Be a strong competitor in our region
    Consistently perform ring muscle ups

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