1 minute AMRAP
Clean and Jerk @ 135lbs
Rest 1 minute (Change weight)
1 minute AMRAP
Clean and Jerk @ 165
Rest 1 minute (Change weight)
1 minute AMRAP
Clean and Jerk @ 195lbs

Post reps for each individual round.

For time (and misery)
150 wall balls @ 25#
100 double unders
50 pullups

Post your times to comments.

I was searching through my old lifting videos and I came across some footage of the Torture Chamber in it’s original form. Most of this video is from the 80’s and early 90’s when my dad ran the Torture Chamber Lifting Club. The lifting was a little different then, but the purpose remained the same. Give everything you have, and do it with intensity.

4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. 135# = 11 reps
    165# = 5 reps
    195# = 2 reps
    It was early and I know my mind wasn’t in it…probably could add a rep or two to each one if I attacked it better

    WOD: 20:21….did all pullups (sets of 5 butterfly until I hit 40 then it was 1 at a time)
    Did all the wall balls (20lbs) in about the 8:50 area which I felt was impressive for me. Double Unders were atrocious…..once I get my christmas present of an Again Faster rope I will be hitting those hard and heavy. My quads will be unbelievably sore for a while now thanks to those wall balls.

  2. Wod 1…..12-7-1

    Wod 2…..20:46….18# wall ball (thank you Scheid and Strix for grabbing the 20s…lol!), box hspu…..thanks to Scheid for continuing to roll on pullups…..kept me going to 50…..I have never done that many in a wod without a band before.

  3. From what i absurved today, we have an intense group that hits it hard everytime. I am proud of all of you for throwing it down out there. The moral is great! I look forward to every work out day. All you guys and gals keep me striving to get better. See u all Sunday!

  4. 13 – 7 – 4 on the clean & jerk. Form is still terrible – I could tell it every time I was cleaning the 195#. Gotta work on this.

    16:08 on the Wod – best dub’s ever – 55 – 35 – 10. I gave up on the 55 – didn’t miss but shoulder’s told me I was done. 13 – 12 on the hspu – 2 out of four exercises felt great today (too bad the wallballs sucked).

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