5 rounds for time:
10 OHS @ 135lbs
8 dead lifts @ 225lbs

Post times.

3 rounds
10 pushups
10 step ups @ 50# DBs (Front rack-5 each foot)
10 KB swing @ 62#
200m run

Post times.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. WOD 1 (OHS) – rxd….after some higher level math calculations I figure my time was approxiately in the range of 10:42 – 11:15

    WOD 2 – 9:06…40# DB and 62#KB

  2. Some scaling on wod 1 did help the lower back soreness and it feels good today….

    Wod 1…11:57…..115# for ohs, 205# hex bar deads and box hspu

    Wod 2….10:12….40# DBS and 53# KB

  3. Did the Wod’s in reverse order so I was fresh for Wod 2.
    Wod 1 – 9:22 rxd

    Wod 2 – 7:02 40# db’s, 62# kb. This is the one that required the mathmematical formula to calculate time – Buddy and I got our calculator’s out and figured it out!

  4. Major scaling 😉

    WOD 1:
    35# OHS
    95# DL
    HSPU on box

    WOD 2:
    Girl push ups
    Body weight step ups (does the extra baby weight count??) haha
    20# KB

    I almost didn’t do the 2nd WOD because I haven’t ran since having the baby. Glad I did it and over came my fear. Thanks for being so welcoming this morning! It felt great to have my ass kicked!!

  5. Fully committed to slobiness now!
    Wod 1 – 9:52 75#OHS; 185 DL; HSPUs on a box

    Wod 2 – 8:02 65#bar for step-ups and SDHPs instead of KBs
    Had to start early to get to meeting at 7AM so WOD 2 was a little different for me. Par for my morning, the meeting was cancelled yesterday. I was the only one who didn’t check my email and still showed up. Awesome.

  6. We jacked up the time on the first WOD. After further research, I still don’t think our times are correct. For the first WOD we have to subtract one full minute off your time, then 50 seconds for every minute left over. This is because the interval timer starts at 1 (not at 0). So 2 on the interval timer is really 1 on a normal clock. My time was 11:07 on the interval timer, so I need to knock that down to 10:07, then subtract 100 seconds (10 seconds for each interval), which gives me 8:27.
    Just wanted to clarify on that.

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