*Cash out with 100 double unders.

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5 rounds
3 clean and jerks @ 165lbs
7 box jumps @ 30″

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This was a great follow up to yesterday’s massacre. 2 fast workouts that tore me apart. I had some great competition to pull me through both of these. Buddy rocked out the first workout and Gary ripped through the second. It was good having those guys to chase during the workouts.
The last few weeks I’ve been committing to the hook grip. It’s getting more and more comfortable and really helps with grip (more than anticipated). Plus I get these cool looking bruises on my thumbs.

Great start to the work week!20121217-083905.jpg

Came back after football training and pounded out another quick WOD.

3 rounds
10 sandbag over shoulders @ 67# sandbag (essentially just pick up a sandbag or any other heavy object and throw it over your soldier)
15 GHD situps
10 alternating KB snatches @ 53# (5 each arm)
20 double unders

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5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. My grip was so sore and bad today after yesterday that I went with situps instead of pullups in wod 1…..8:25.

    Wod 2…..155# and 24″ box…..5:58.

  2. Really tough getting moving this morning. Just worn out after Sunday’s debacle! Gotta work on recovery.
    Wod 1 – 6:31 burpees & pullups felt great, dub’s took alot longer than they should have.

    Wod 2 – 5:35 slow on everything

  3. I have no idea what my times were nor do I care because I knew they both sucked.
    I actually refused to look at the clock after the 1st WOD. Time on 2nd was over 7 minutes but I think I may have done an extra set….not sure.

    I’m just posting so it is documented that yes I did complete WODs.

    • “Throw it over your soldier”? Hahahaha…..thank god there wasn’t a soldier around! It sucked enough getting it over my head!

      WOD 3 – 10:21 rxd…fun but I was expecting it not to be that bad! and it ended with the KB snatches.

  4. wod 1- don’t know time. double unders took for ever.

    wod 2- 6:20.

    6 pm workout
    60 power cleans @ 100, worked on form and speed.
    30 snatches @ 100, worked on form and technique.
    10 hspu
    30 ttb
    30 front squats @ 100, technique also

    The infamous cold has set in. felt like garbage all day. I wount it shake me tho. No time to slow down , faster times to get and PR’s to get.

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