12 days of Christmas

Complete the workout as you would sing the song (example: 1 dead lift, 2 wall climbs, 1 dead lift, 3 full snatches, 2 wall climbs 1 dead lift, 4 burpees, 3…etc)

1 dead lift @ 315lbs
2 wall climbs
3 full snatches @ 100lbs
4 burpees
5 thrusters @ 100lbs
6 pull-ups
7 power cleans @ 100lbs
8 toes to bar
9 front squats @ 100 lbs
10 box jumps
11 KB swings @ 62lbs
12 clean and jerks @ 100lbs

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4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. 50:58……deads @275. Wore a belt halfway thru. This was brutal but great at the same time. Thought I tore mg bicep warming up and was bummed at the thought at maybe missing out but I stretched it and it didn’t give me an issue. I was very honored and happy to do this WOD with our crew. It has grown over the pass year and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to suffer with…..even the college boys and alum that made it back. Thanks for the T-shirt too!

  2. 56:38….225# for deads and power snatches instead of full to take it easy on my lower back….I agree with Scheid….brutal, but great to go through it with the Crew…..thanks for the shirt as well Stu! Kudos to Pam and Melissa on the 225# deads as well!

  3. 43:32. Just show’s how sick we all are – that was awesome!!!!! There were times during the wod that I wouldn’t have said that (like during the 12 clean and jerk’s) but after it’s done it was great. Shows you what you are capable of doing. Thank God Christmas only comes once a year, though.

  4. 39:59.
    I kept an extremely steady pace through this wod and, at one point, thought I would just pass out before I finished 🙂 It was AWESOME! I didn’t completely go unbroken, but I had very little recovery time in between workouts. Thought deadlifts @225 were going to be the death of me….BUT…I survived! And I got a sweet shirt. Boom. Thanks Stu

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