Counting Reps

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at our training, my programming, and also the amount of work we complete during the week. I decided I need to do a better job of analyzing the amount of work and the amount of reps we are doing throughout the week and throughout each month. One of the main problems I’ve come across in our training is over training. Up until this point I’ve basically trained until I feel tired or fatigued, and cut back when I feel tired or worn out. For the most part this works, but sometimes I get carried away (last Sunday and Monday).

In an attempt to counter this problem, I did some research into other successful CrossFit gyms that I respect. Mostly Outlaw CrossFit and CrossFit Invictus, which are both known for their competitive CrossFit training. I also took a few notes from my NSCA handbook, and came to the conclusion that we need to start keeping track of the number of reps we perform during WODs each week.

I threw together a simple excel sheet, plugged in our work week, and came up with a rep count.
Click here to see a google doc of the results.

As you can see, last week we did quite a bit more reps than this week. Hence the rash of sickness and joint pain throughout the Club (whoops). 2000 reps is probably too much, but I do think that 1000 isn’t enough. I’m going to aim for around 1500 reps this week and see how that feels (keep in mind I’m not listing our strength day reps at all). Hopefully this will give me a better understanding of how much to program, when to let up, and when to pile it on.

Keep it Slobby and post some comments on your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Counting Reps

  1. Thanks for all of this information Stu. You lead…..and we will follow (to the extent I am physically able! Lol!). Really glad the open has a 40-45 age group this year…..should be cool to see how Strix and I stack up (obviously Strix will stack up just fine!)

  2. I ask myself sometimes, “what would stu do?” I haventbquistioned the training yet so of course ill follow your planning. I feel this is better because the past week ive had shooting pains down my arms and shoulder. Sometimes i just dont want to leave the gym. Got to watch myself more carefully so i can make posative gains not negatives.

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