Every 20 seconds for 4 minutes complete 1 power snatch @ 75% of 1RM.
Change weight.
Every 20 seconds for 4 minutes complete 1 power clean @ 75% of 1RM.

3 rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 burpees
50 double unders
Post times.

Used 165 for my snatches and 200 for cleans. Both weren’t very difficult.
The WOD felt much better. I’m still a little sick and my air isn’t 100%, but I’m feeling much better. I should be close to normal by Sunday I think.

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Went with 115# for snatch & 155# for cleans. Way too easy – either my 1rm is better than I thought, or my form is getting better, or both.

    9:32 on the wod

  2. Snatch- 115
    Cleans- 155

    Both light but my 1RM aren’t completely accurate right now either but at 70% I don’t think this was supposed to be killer

    12:05 on WOD. First set of doubles were a disaster as the rope caught on platform every 3-4. 2nd and 3rd sets were nearly unbroken.

  3. 17:06…..did 400s for the running instead of 200s which is a-ok as I needed the extra work for passing on the strength part of today to continue to take it easy on my sore back.

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