Strength day today.
All day.
Get Slobby.

Back squat 3×10
Bench press 3×10
3x ME strict pull-ups + ME kipping pull-ups.
3x ME dips (add weight if you can)
3×10 bent over row
3×10 good mornings
10 minutes: Hand stand walk practice.

Post loads.

Squat: 275-315-335×10
Bench: 225-235-245×10
Dips w/ 25#: 13-14-13

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Been a long time since I did heavy sets of ten. To my surprise what I had in mind for my last sets of squat and bench ended up not being heavy enough. I will adjust for next time.

    Squat: 165, 185, 205
    Bench: 135, 155, 175

    Worked on my pullups and tried to get the butterfly down. When I was fresh I was able to string a set together. When I tired or thought too much, I couldn’t get a rhythm. But thanks to stu and Pam I was able to identify where I needed to focus. I will

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