4 rounds
10 power snatch @ 75lbs
15 push press @ 75lbs
20 double unders
Post times.


Everyone is still pretty beat up from the Sunday/Monday Slobbiness, so we went with a burner and light weight today. It hit the spot.
I’m battling a little cough, which is probably from over training. Hopefully resting for the next 24 hours will help me out a bit. I can’t stand being sick.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. 7:53……Completely unbroken on snatch and into push press for 2 rounds. Then for rounds 3 and 4 I rested slightly before 10th snatch and then went into presses. 1st round ran 1 lap instead of the doubles. double unders were no problem today though once I got to a rop. Box HSPU. First couple rounds of HSPU felt great and it went through my head that maybe I should start trying to do them against the wall. Then rounds 3 and 4 came, and that thought never re-entered my mind. I felt that I did a good job of pushing through fatigue that I would otherwise succumb to and stare at the bar.

  2. I left today thoroughly disgusted with my workout. Everything felt good but I was getting destroyed by everyone and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until now, when I looked at the workout posted and looked back on what I did that I realized that I was doing 15 snatches per round instead of 10. Scheid said he was doing his unbroken or resting before his 10th snatch and then into presses and it clicked that I was doing 8 then 7 or worse and then going into presses – I feel alot better now!!! 9:36 for my wod.
    I know I deal w/ finances evey day, I just can’t count to 10!
    Wod #2 10-8-6-4-2 t2b w/ 2-4-6-8-10 burpees. 3:04

  3. Not sure what my time was. came in last I know that. The hand stand push ups are what slowed me down. Getting better at the double unders, but there still slowing me down. More work on them tonight.

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