5 rounds for time

11 power snatches @ 115lbs
2 dead lifts @ 375lbs
20 double unders
12 pull-ups

Post times to comments.


Steven Robert Studer AKA “Stuey” was born today at 06:11. He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz.

5 thoughts on “Friday

  1. 19:59…..225# deads but rxd snatches. Pullups slowed me down but really pleased with result. Honored to do this for stuey and with everyone there. My development is going great. Guess I’ve had extra focus recently. Hope it continues

  2. 18:39…had to start a bit earlier to get my oldest from basketball practice….225# deads….got through 3 rounds plus 1 of the 4th at 115#, then dropped to 95# for rest of snatches as my back was feeling it….also small band on pullups….very honored to have been there with everyone today for baby Stuey!

  3. Congrats!!!!!!! We’ll see how those 6:00 am workouts go now with a little one in the house.

    16:43 on the wod – what a great way to welcome the new little one.

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