Thrusters @ 95 lbs

Post times.

4 rounds
15 push-ups (HR)
10 dead lifts @ 225 lbs
25 double unders

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Work up to a 5RM deadlift.

385 felt really good. I thought about going for 400, but thought better and decided to wait until next time. Pretty excited about my strength right now. Actually, I’m pretty excited about everything. Seeing lots of good gains lately.

I really hope I can continue to improve once the new baby arrives and all the stress that come with him!

3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Fran: 7:50…as rxd. Might be one of the fastest I’ve done it, if not probably around the fastests. Thrusters never broken up but pullups were killing me!

    WOD2 = 7:58…185# deads and 1 lap for doubles.

    The breaks in between the WODs are murderous for me. As soon as I begin the WOD my heartrate skyrockets and I get way too close to redlining too fast.

  2. Fran: 5:29 but did use a small band as i was stuck on the narrow pullup bar

    Wod 2: 8:08….185# on deads, dubs were pretty good today, but gassed me.

  3. Fran: 3:49 – pr (but have only officially done it 3 times). Still too slow.

    Wod 2: 6:44. Had zero motivation coming into this one and it showed.

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