“Battle for the Pink Shorts”

Yesterday Tim thought up the idea to have a competition between Gary and I, in which we draft exercises to be performed in a WOD. The rep scheme was predetermined by Tim (60,50,40,30,20,10 reps) and Gary and I took turns picking exercises for each rep count. At the end of the exercise draft, this is the WOD that was created.

For time:

50 burped box jump overs @ 24″
40 chest to bar pull-ups
30 wallball box jumps @ 24″ with 20# ball
20 bench press @ 225
10 dead lifts @ 345 lbs

The loser of the WOD has to wear the pink “Go Lex” shorts for the next training session (Monday).

Slob: 26’04”
Briefcase: 29’47”


3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. 31:12…..on the hspus I did 5 on the wall and 10 on the box until 60…..18# med ball……on the bench I got 4 @ 225# then went to 185#, just too tired…..225# on deads. Fun day!!

  2. 35 min. All I can say is I’m a wuss!!!!!! Time was great coming into the bench press then it proceeded to take me 10 min’s to do 20 reps of bench. Did 2 at 225#, stripped a 10 from each side and did 7 more at 205#. Had to take another 10 off to do the remaining 11 at 185# – TERRIBLE. Rxd on everything else

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